Tips for staying motivated on your way to the #BGR2024

To get ready for a race can be quite a challenge, but remember you are not alone in this journey, Bimbo Global Runner. Here we are to join you in every step of the way.

If you are ready to give it your all at the Bimbo Global Race, we offer you 5 tips to keep you motivated and continue enjoying this exciting experience:

1. Establish achievable goals: define realistic and specific results for your training. Remember that on the BGR you'd be able to run 3, 5 or 10 kilometers races. To have clear objectives will keep yoy focuse and on going throughout the process.

2. Have fun training: explore different kinds of excercise, run outdoors, run laps or do yoga. To change from time to time your routine, will help you avoid boredom.

3. Run with someone: get running buddies or join a local runner's group. Sharing your experience and exchanging emotional support will help you overcome challenges and keep your motivation running.

4. Celebrate your achievements: recognize and celebrate all the progress you accomplish on your way to the BGR. Whether you reached a new distance or improved your running time, take a moment to celebrate.

5. Visualize the cause: imagine how would you feel crossing the finish line and remember that by joining the BGR, you are contributing to a great cause, to help feed those who need it the most.

Now, with these advices, you are more than ready to give your best.

See you on the starting line, Bimbo Global Runner!